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What To Look For In The Best Chiropractor

What To Look For In The Best Chiropractor

Your experience with chiropractic therapy can vary greatly depending on the experience, technology, and qualifications of the chiropractor you choose. This means doing a little research and asking the right questions to ensure that your chiropractor has the proper qualifications to treat your injuries. Here are some tips on what to look for in the best chiropractor.

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Top Questions to Ask Your Chiropractor

While there are many questions you can ask to assess whether a chiropractor is reputable, these four factors are crucial. Consider these questions as they strongly suggest that a chiropractor is reputable and experienced:

Where Did They Go to College?

To earn the title of doctors, chiropractors often attend 8-12 years of advanced education, including a year of training under an experienced mentor. While attaining a college degree may not always be a sign of the best chiropractors, it’s generally a reliable trait to look for since they need extra schooling to become licensed doctors. A doctor who doesn’t list their qualifications on their website or is dodgy when you ask them is very likely not a reputable chiropractor.

Peak Chiropractic Doctors

  • Dr. Stephen Brenan graduated from the University of Florida and Life University School of Chiropractic.
  • Dr. David M. Durkin graduated from the University of South Carolina and Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Do They Provide Customized Treatment for Each Patient?

A mark of a less than reputable chiropractor is to package their services or to approach treatment like one service is best for everyone. A skilled chiropractor will conduct an exam to assess the needs of each patient, and only then will they attempt treatment. It’s recommended to avoid chiropractors that pressure you into treatments without assessing your needs first.

Peak Chiropractic

At Peak Chiropractic, we take a “it’s-not-about-me-it’s-about-you approach” to treating our patients. We take the time to carefully assess your problems and discuss your options for treatment. We have a range of innovative technologies that allows us to offer comprehensive and customized treatment plans.

Are Their Expectations Realistic?

Doctors know that no treatment works for everyone and no solution is ever guaranteed to work. Only through thorough examination and careful selection of treatments can we find the options that work best for you. Any chiropractor claiming that they can definitely heal you without examining your condition first is making shortsighted recommendations because no treatment is guaranteed until you’ve applied it and seen the results.

Peak Chiropractic

We work to help ensure you have a clear understanding of your treatment options and goals. As we proceed with treatment, we’ll continue that conversation, reassessing your condition and making adjustments to treatment as needed.

Can You Find Reviews from Patients They’ve Treated?

Reliable positive reviews are an excellent sign of an effective chiropractor. Note that even a chiropractor with a few poor reviews but mostly four and five stars is likely to be reputable. When a chiropractic clinic has multiple poor reviews or no reviews posted after years of being open, that could be considered a red flag. Any reputable chiropractor will share their reviews and experience.

Peak Chiropractic

We are thrilled to have a 4.9-star rating on Google and a 5-star rating on Yelp. Read testimonials from our patients here.

Chiropractic Treatments That Work

Technology has changed the face of chiropractic therapy. Innovative treatments like these provided at Peak Chiropractic can help patients manage a wide variety of pain symptoms:

  • Ultralign Spine Adjustments – Remain clothed and upright while we make subtle adjustments using an advanced computerized system.
  • Laser Tissue Therapy – Treatment that reduces inflammation and pain.
  • Hydro Massage – Uses heat and water to relax your body and reduce pain symptoms.
  • Spinal Decompression – Stretch and relieve tension in the spine, taking pressure off your discs and nerves.
  • Physiotherapy – Work with our in-house physical trainer to improve range of motion and strength.

Make An Appointment With The Best Chiropractor in Celebration, FL

Our team at Peak Chiropractic has decades of experience treating patients in the greater Orlando, Florida area. We offer a range of treatment solutions that have been proven to relieve a wide array of symptoms. You can count on us to listen to your concerns and customize a treatment plan for your specific needs.

Contact Peak Chiropractic today to schedule an appointment with doctors Brenan or Durkin. We look forward to meeting you.

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Dr. Stephen Brenan has been a licensed chiropractor for more than 20 years. At his practice in Celebration, Florida, he combines a hands-on, patient-centric approach with cutting-edge technology. He uses this blog to share reliable information about health conditions, pain management, de-stressing, nutrition, fitness, chiropractic practice, and more about health and wellness.

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