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Connecting with a new healthcare provider can come with some hesitation and concerns. And we know that chiropractors even seem scary to some people. We hope you’ve taken a little time to poke around our website and get a feel for who we are and what we do. You can also take a quick look at our virtual office tour for an idea of what to expect when you arrive for the first time.

We strive to make everything as pleasant and simple as possible. That includes all the processes and red tape that come with any kind of medical care, as well as our treatments. Plus, we’re conveniently open five days a week.

Whether you’ve recently been in an accident or suffering from chronic pain Peak Chiro Orlando can help you with your needs.  With over 40 years of clinical experience our doctors offer the most advanced chiropractic techniques.  From advanced laser therapy to modern computerized treatment methods, we offer comprehensive care that can be used for the entire body. Even if you are looking for holistic chiropractic care to improve the way you feel and perform every day, we’d like to extend a warm welcome. Don’t endure another day of pain, call to setup an appointment today.

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    Our doctors work with elite athletes, sports injuries, auto injuries, slip-and-falls, disc injuries, and much more.

Dr. Stephen Brenan & Dr. David Durkin

Dr. Stephen Brenan & Dr. David Durkin

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